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KURZ – Much More than a Security Feature Supplier

Application and Support for your Banknote Project

KURZ is the leading supplier of applied security features for banknotes. We can draw from over 30 years of experience in designing, manufacturing, delivering, and application of KINEGRAM® patches, stripes or threads for banknotes. Our strong R&D competence, our deep knowledge about application processes on all industry-prevalent roll-to-roll and up-and-down machines, and our excellent relations with all relevant application machine suppliers allow us to support our clients with a comprehensive application know-how and on-site technical assistance by our banknote experts.

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High-performing Banknote Application with KURZ MHS

KURZ is also a supplier of hot stamping application machines in the banknote industry. We provide the MHS reel-to-reel hot stamping machine for the application of diffractive security stripes. This machine is ideally suited to the creation of windows in banknotes and the application of foil stripes in register, all in one pass. It is installed and well-proven in use at many international banknote substrate producers.

"KURZ is not just a simple security device provider, but also technology supplier and consultant."


Tibor Pataki, Central Bank of Hungary (2016)

Image of MHS reel-to-reel hot-stamping machine for banknote foils, manufactured by KURZ

We provide consultancy and support at the beginning of a banknote design project, and we can assist during the manufacturing process at the printer’s premises or in the papermill. Our application technicians are always at our customers’ service for technical support – be it at their premises or virtually. We provide on-site staff training and are pleased to share our expert knowledge.

Module 4: Application and Support

Banknotes Protection Strategy

KURZ provides customers with both on-site application assistance as well as comprehensive know-how on banknote security and applied features. As a vital pillar within our modular concept, our R&D and technical teams are at your service to provide in-depth consultancy on selecting the ideal combination of elements from our products and solutions portfolio. We also impart our advice on production, foil application and integration support, both in the banknote printing plant and the banknote paper mill, and we are always on hand for resolving technical issues. Lastly, we are pleased to share our expert knowledge with our customers in virtual or on-site staff training.

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