Close-up of a KINEGRAM® HDM Registered Stripe sample showing an astronaut in space


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Maximized Resolution and Security of Your Banknotes


High Definition Metallization technology is an innovative, design-centered solution for partially metallized foils. The HDM technology opens up a whole new range of design possibilities for KINEGRAM® features as, for the first time ever, intricate metallic designs and patterns with an extremely high line resolution of below 10 microns can be created. Grayscale and halftone-based screened images can be added to the available metallic effects, which for example can be used to design beautiful, vivid portraits within the foil security feature.

High-resolution close-up of a leaf-shaped security feature with KINEGRAM® HDM

Detail of KURZ Sample Banknote 'Earth'

High-resolution close-up of a KINEGRAM® HDM showing an astronaut's face and helmet

Detail of KURZ Sample Banknote 'Space'

Expanded Freedom for Banknote Designers

This innovation offers unlimited degrees of freedom for banknote designers and enables the creation of exceedingly precise, realistic, and very difficult to counterfeit metallic shapes and images.

Even more importantly, the technology also allows the inclusion of first-, second- and third-line security in a single feature. Highly precise microtext, nanotext and other forensic security elements can easily be incorporated.

Image of Polish National Bank commemorative banknote with KINEGRAM® HDM

Key Advantages of KINEGRAM® HDM:

  • Unique high definition partial metallization with extremely fine lines
  • Allows grayscale, screened, halftone images and realistic portraits
  • New degrees of freedom for foil design and banknote integration
  • Entirely new possibilities for the art of feature design
  • Novel options for incorporation of first-, second- and third-line security features

References with KINEGRAM® HDM

Kazakhstan 500 Tenge with KINEGRAM® HDM Patch

Ready for more? Take a look at our other KINEGRAM® HDM references here. Our experienced banknote security specialists are looking forward to getting in touch with you.

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