Close-up on details of a KINEGRAM ZERO.ZERO® Stripe over Window on Orell Füssli sample note


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Perfect Register of Partial Metallization

KINEGRAM ZERO.ZERO® – Perfect Design Integration

The unique and award-winning KINEGRAM ZERO.ZERO® partial metallization technology frees designers from traditional limitations of tolerance and resolution. It enables the use of finely detailed metallic shapes exactly where needed, i.e. where the foil's optical security effects and the design implies. 

KURZ is the only provider of this technology. KINEGRAM ZERO.ZERO® has been selected by several leading Central Banks since 2009 for their paper banknotes and polymer banknotes.

A Winning Team for Design and Security

KINEGRAM ZERO.ZERO® on Australian Polymer Banknotes

Your Benefits of KINEGRAM ZERO.ZERO®:


Design of metallization can be freely chosen


Outstanding integration with banknote print


Zero tolerance: perfect alignment of optical effects with metallized areas


Acknowledged by banknote security experts as virtually impossible to counterfeit

Our Most Precise Metallization Technique

For a Perfect Design Integration

Our high precision metallization technology KINEGRAM ZERO.ZERO® is especially suitable for projects requiring seamless integration of the security feature into the overall banknote design. The results are highly brilliant, metallized images with extremely high resolution, strongly emphasized movement impressions and other security effects, and large transparent areas for easy design integration.

KURZ is the only provider of this technology for partially metallized foils, which allows diffractive design elements, including very fine lines, to be in perfect register to the partial metallization. As for any other KURZ security element, it can incorporate first-line, second-line and third-line security, for example nanotexts, into the metallic design.

References with KINEGRAM ZERO.ZERO®

New Zealand 5 and 10 Dollar with KINEGRAM ZERO.ZERO® Patch

KINEGRAM ZERO.ZERO® has more exciting design options ready for you. Take a closer look at our references here.

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