Sample banknote with a space design and different KINEGRAM® Patches with FLUX effect


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Individually Shaped Patches for Banknotes


The overall banknote design is one of the most challenging tasks when conceiving a new banknote series. To round off and complete the portfolio of available options, KURZ offers diffractive patches, a classic banknote feature. A KINEGRAM® patch is a particular, individual foil element, available in any desired shape, showing one or several diffractive images. 

Your Benefits with KINEGRAM® Patch:


Highly visible and prominent


Different shapes available


Easy to authenticate


Very high durability and security


Classic diffractive security feature

KINEGRAM® Patch vs. Simple Hologram Patches

The Premium Security Effect

Still today, security patches for banknotes are a state-of-the-art security feature and proven on billions of banknotes around the globe. In contrast to a simple hologram patch, a KINEGRAM® patch from KURZ can show highly precise and easy-to-verify movement effects, plus other visual effects which are only achievable based on KINEGRAM® origination technology.

Technical Background:

Partial metallization and transparent areas allow for the patches to be completely and seamlessly integrated into the banknote design, including the possibility of overprinting. Our patches are suitable for any banknote substrate such as paper, polymer banknotes, or composite substrates. 

We Put Security First for Decades

The first usage of a KINEGRAM® on a circulating banknote was in patch format, when the new 5,000 Austrian Schilling was issued in 1988. Already back then, the opportunity for unusual patch shapes was used by designing an octagonal-shaped foil, which contained the portrait of the composer Mozart. Subsequently, banknote patches have become more and more sophisticated in their design and shape, plus have helped to secured some of the world’s most important currencies.

Close-up of pre-Euro Austrian Schilling banknote with a KINEGRAM® Patch showing Mozart


KINEGRAM® COSMIC Patches combine the classical color shift with the design freedom of a security patch and the unique diffractive security effects of the KINEGRAM® technology. COSMIC stands for a metallic color shift that creates a further barrier to the counterfeiter, as well as an obvious invitation to the banknote user to inspect the note more closely. The possibilities of a KINEGRAM® COSMIC Patch go far beyond those of printed features, offering the integration of multiple inimitable optical security effects based on our proprietary, non-holographic KINEGRAM® technology.


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KINEGRAM® References with KURZ Patch

Egypt 10 Pound Polymer Banknote with KINEGRAM COLORS® Patch

More patch references by KURZ are waiting for you here. To get detailed information about our products for banknotes, please feel free to contact us.

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