Close-up of three sample banknotes showing different security features by KURZ

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Setting the Standards for Banknote Security

KURZ Products

KURZ is a leading global expert in security features for banknotes. Our product range covers the two types of security elements that are most widely used and recognized to protect banknotes: Surface-applied features and security threads. Discover more about the different ways of enhancing banknote security with KURZ products, by integration of security threads into paper, or by a patch or stripe applied onto the notes – including applications over windows, a quantum leap in banknote security.

Three sample banknotes with security thread examples in different colors

A New Paradigm in Banknote Security

Enhanced Security: KINEGRAM COLORS® Registered Stripes by KURZ

The Gold Standard for Applied Security Stripes

See-through security feature: KINEGRAM COLORS® Stripe over Window

A Quantum Leap in Banknote Security

The Essential Element – APL features by KURZ for banknote security

Stand-alone Feature for Banknotes

The KINEGRAM® Universe: KINEGRAM® Patches with FLUX effect

Individually Shaped Patches for Banknotes

Module 1: Products

Banknote Protection Strategy

At the baseline of every banknote security feature by KURZ is the selection of a suitable product – a security thread, patch, stripe, or window solution. Combining this with other modules of our system will result in superior protective elements for your banknotes, equipped with unique visual effects and intuitively usable by the general public. The highly secure KINEGRAM® technology and the outstanding service provided by our team complement our portfolio. KURZ – truly the essential element for banknote security!

How to craft an ideal, tailor-made security solution for your banknotes? Click here to contact us right away. We look forward to getting in touch with you!

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Close-up of a security feature showing a 3D motif of a walking man

Metallization Types

Close-up of a finely detailed, leaf-shaped banknote security feature

KURZ Technologies

Close-up of the sensor system in a foil application machine

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