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Sustainability for a better Future

Our environment is precious. Together with our customers, we would like to raise awareness about a healthy environment. As a leading provider of banknote security features, at KURZ we are well aware of our global responsibility for preserving the environment. Therefore, we aim for a sustainable and sparing use of natural resources while maintaining top quality and efficiency for our customers.

Sustainability Measures at KURZ awarded a Silver Medal

KURZ achieved excellent results in the 2023 EcoVadis Sustainability Rating in all four areas examined - 'Environment,’ ‘Labor and Human Rights,’ ‘Ethics,’ and ‘Sustainable Procurement’ - and received a silver medal award from the renowned rating agency. As part of the EcoVadis ranking, a total of 21 sustainability criteria are examined, and compiled into the above mentioned four categories. The assessment is based on high standards and is monitored by an international scientific committee. The overall assessment includes not only aspects such as the raw materials used, energy consumption, and CO2 emissions, but also factors such as the responsible treatment of employees, and commitment to greater diversity and inclusion.

With this award, we underline the importance of a green value chain, demonstrate our progress in the sustainable deployment of people and resources, and show our utter commitment to sustainability across our business.


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UN Global Compact: The KURZ Sustainability Report 2022

Since 2021, KURZ has been part of the initiative for responsible corporate governance of the UN Global Compact and promotes an inclusive, sustainable global economy. We are presenting our progress report on environmental awareness, the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies, and respect for human rights.

The main goal of the UN Global Compact is Transparency. Participating companies must credibly demonstrate their sustainability activities, while good practice examples are intended to promote the industry as a whole. With our long-standing 'green' efforts, membership of the UNGC is a matter of the heart for us. However, the progress report not only serves to reflect our own performance, but also offers customers the security of having a long-term, committed partner by their side. Customers benefit from state-of-the-art technologies and environmentally friendly product cycles along the entire value chain, as evidenced by the current COP. A real milestone for our KURZ sustainability commitment 'Be a green leader'.


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Our Sustainability Efforts at a Glance

  • Globally applicable requirements for raw material selection within the KURZ Group
  • Material and resource efficiency along the production chain
  • Introduction of comprehensive environmental management systems and oversight by a dedicated environmental officer
  • Universal environmental, energy, and occupational safety mission statement for all employees worldwide
  • '360° Life Cycle Thinking' as a guideline for the entire company

Our Sustainability Commitment

UN Global Compact Member

since 2021

EcoVadis Silver

since 2023

Corporate carbon footprint net zero goal


Technology Innovations

Energy Management System ISO 50001

Environmental Management System ISO 14001

Photovoltaic systems cover up to 25% of the energy demand

Resources and Emissions

Optimised drying parameters for up to 15% energy saving

Specific electricity cosumption reduced by 20%

Exhaust air emissions reduced by 10%

Layout optimisation for material savings up to 50%

Company-wide focus on avoiding, reducing and compensating

Social Sustainability

Use of 100% renewable energy

The KURZ Sustainability Program – Looking towards the Future right from the Start

As early as the 1970s, KURZ made a clear commitment to sustainability. To this day, we remain true to this commitment and align our corporate policy with an environmentally friendly approach to nature and sustainable work and product concepts. Over the last years, we have invested heavily in new processes for production, application, exhaust air disposal, energy saving and recuperation, dealing with waste, recycling and the alignment of KURZ products to sustainability. All of these apply to the field of banknote security feature production, while we continue to strive for a holistic optimization of processes and our aim of being a green leader.