Sample banknote series with a design of the four elements and KINEGRAM® APL features

Applied Patch Label

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Revolutionizing Window Patch Application in the Printing Works

Applied Patch Label (APL)

The KINEGRAM® APL, Applied Patch Label, is a revolution in the application of window patches. For the first time ever, banknote printers are able to create window security features for paper banknotes in their very own premises. Where in the past, window features for printing plants were limited to applying diffractive patches or stripes on a polymer substrate, KINEGRAM® APL puts the printer in the driving seat allowing both process control and value creation to be retained. It is possible to use any geometric shape for the die-cut window in the paper or composite banknotes, a unique achievement in the world of secure windows and security foils. KINEGRAM® APL also allows the transfer of other complex, novel security features which up to now were not available for banknotes.

Application Process of KURZ Sample Banknotes 'The Essential Element'

Your Advantages with KINEGRAM® APL:


Ready for industrial use in a wide variety of circulation conditions


Patented technology significantly increasing banknote security


New degrees of freedom for the banknote supply chain


More freedom for banknote designers


Easy realization to secure windows with highly sophisticated security patches

Security That’s Made for You


KINEGRAM® patches are now available for patches for banknote windows, with application in the printing works. With KINEGRAM® APL, there is no need for complicated stripe-as-patch-solutions applied by the paper mill, creating hologram window patch lookalikes. The supply chain remains uninterrupted and the banknote printer, by creating a simple die-cut window in banknotes, can achieve window foil features in his own premises. Transfer features for banknotes and KINEGRAM® patches for windows are taking banknote security and design to a whole new level.

Close-up of KINEGRAM® APL sample with a finely detailed spider design

Combine KINEGRAM® APL with our KURZ Technologies

Windows in banknotes are especially suitable for using our KINEGRAM COLORS® or KINEGRAM REVIEW® technology, as the window allows different designs on the front and back of the banknote (e.g., different colors or even different designs).This application technology truly completes the feature selection for central banks, gives back process control to printers, and enables new degrees of freedom in designing windows in banknotes.

Close-up of KINEGRAM® APL sample with a butterfly design


Sample Note 'Otto Herman' of Hungarian Banknote Printing Shareholding Company with KINEGRAM® APL window security feature

Close-up of KINEGRAM® APL sample with a circular geometric design


Orell Füssli Security Printing’s '500 Years' Commemorative Banknote with KINEGRAM® APL over a die-cut window

KINEGRAM® Applied Patch Labels: Ready for Industrial Application

KURZ Applied Patch Labels are now available for industrial application. To make sure that you can rely on a proven, hassle-free process, we started a test series for different use cases. With success! Get all the information about our references here.

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