Close-up of four sample banknotes with ethnic designs and KINEGRAM COLORS® security features


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The Latest and Most Attractive Addition to the KINEGRAM® Portfolio


With the award-winning KINEGRAM COLORS®, security foils for banknotes can be enhanced with multiple colors. Within the multi-colored feature, the colors are positioned in perfect register to the partial metallization, which is an unique achievement in the banknote industry. Adding the fact that color is the primary characteristic that most people remember about objects, the use of colorful features for banknotes maximizes the chance that a forged note will be easily detected. Moreover, the combination of individual optical effects with pronounced colors and fine-line designs is an additional way of making the feature extremely safe against counterfeiting.

Why Are Colorful Banknote Features Extremely Hard to Counterfeit?

KINEGRAM COLORS® for the New English Pound Banknotes

KINEGRAM COLORS® is one of the latest and most attractive additions to the KINEGRAM® Portfolio. As beautifully demonstrated on the new English Pound banknotes with a see-through banknote window, it lends itself particularly well to both polymer banknotes and window features. It is equally suitable for paper banknotes and secure windows in the paper substrate. The perfect register of color and partial metallization safeguards individual banknotes with an appealing design and a strong protection against forgery. As a window security feature, different foil designs can be used for front-to-back verification of the banknotes.


Multiple colors from a wide color range can be added to the partially metallized foil feature and enhance the various motifs and their underlying diffractive structures. This means that the KINEGRAM® on the banknote will appear in several colors – for example, it can be designed with a denomination numeral matching the color of the offset print, complemented by a national crest in gold or silver, and surrounding elements in yet another color. 

In other words, it opens a new chapter in the interplay of banknote design and security feature design. Multi-colored banknotes can now be equipped with a matching security element. 


  • Extremely difficult to counterfeit or simulate
  • Prominent and attractive appearance, easily catching attention
  • Next level of banknote design integration by working with print colors and print motifs
  • Easy to check for the untrained public
  • Opens up new design possibilities
  • Particularly suitable for window features
  • Large palette of color options


Convince Yourself

Image of an Indonesian sample banknote with KINEGRAM COLORS® technology, used in a surface-applied feature and in a security thread

PERURI House Note 3.0

The Inspiring Tales

  • Registered Stripe with Image Flip and Fine Line Movement
Image of the English 20 Pound banknote with a KINEGRAM COLORS® Stripe over Window

English 20 Pound

Polymer Banknote

  • Registered Stripe, applied over two see-through windows
  • Blue and gold on the front
  • Silver and purple colors on the back 

KINEGRAM COLORS® – More than a Visual Security Effect

On the Way Towards Immediate Verification

KINEGRAM COLORS® foil features are a major step towards automatic and instinctive recognition by the general public. The possibility that a simple commercially available holographic foil, hot-stamped or toner-transferred onto a counterfeit, will fool a member of the public, is greatly reduced when the OVD (Optically Variable Device) consists of clearly differentiable colors while retaining all the other characteristics of a high-security OVD. Authentication and recognition of a banknote feature are clearly linked to ease of explanation – making KINEGRAM COLORS® a primary choice for central banks, as it can easily be described to the public on central bank videos or websites.

Close-up of a commemorative banknote for the Winter Olympic Games 2018 with a KINEGRAM COLORS® Patch
Close-up on KINEGRAM COLORS® Patch used on the 2000 Som banknote from Kyrgyzstan

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