Image of sample banknotes with a KINEGRAM COLORS® Registered Stripe

Registered Stripe

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The Gold Standard for Applied Security Stripes

Registered Stripes

The registered application of KINEGRAM® stripes on banknotes has been the gold standard in security foils for many years. A registered surface-applied security stripe greatly increases the freedom of the banknote designer, who is now able to combine the printed banknote design and our diffractive foil feature into a visual entity. Hot-stamping stripes are a major contribution to rendering banknotes visually attractive and raising their security level. In particular, KINEGRAM® registered stripes can use any of our metallization types, which can additionally be combined with selected KURZ technologies. Those combinations make our registered banknote stripes unique compared to other products in the market, which are based on commercially available technology and create holographic stripes with a limited range of security effects.

Your Advantages with KINEGRAM® Registered Stripes at a Glance:


Element of choice for leading central banks around the world


Significantly raises the banknote anti-counterfeiting security


New possibilities for design integration


Based on superior KINEGRAM® technology

KINEGRAM® References with Registered Stripe

Hungary 5000 Forint with KINEGRAM® Registered Stripe

More banknote references from LEONHARD KURZ with registered stripes are waiting for you here. If you have already found what you were looking for, we are looking forward to getting in touch with you.

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