Close-up of a finely detailed, partially metallized, KINEGRAM ZERO.ZERO® Stripe over Window

Metallization Types

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Shining Metallic Surfaces for Secure Banknotes

KURZ Metallization Types

Metallized features have become the gold standard for the protection of banknotes and are widely used around the globe. KURZ is the only supplier worldwide with a differentiated portfolio of various metallization types, each bringing its own advantages to the security feature. The perfect-register KINEGRAM ZERO.ZERO® metallization or the High Definition Metallization (KINEGRAM® HDM) can fundamentally increase the security level of a banknote, raising the bar for counterfeiters to a virtually insurmountable level, while at the same time offering unique design and integration possibilities. Learn more about the different metallization types for banknote features below – but know that our features can also be used completely without metallization!

Orell Füssli's Anniversary Note features a partially metallized KINEGRAM ZERO.ZERO® Stripe over Window

Perfect Register of Partial Metallization

High Definition Metallization: Sample of a KINEGRAM® HDM Registered Stripe

Maximized Resolution and Security of Your Banknotes

The KINEGRAM® Universe: Fully metallized KINEGRAM® Patch with FLUX effect

Large Metallic Surfaces for Security Enhancement

Module 2: Metallization Types

Banknotes Protection Strategy

Having a partially metallized security feature is state-of-the-art for protecting banknotes against counterfeiting. Yet, metallization is an optional element within our modular system. A case in point: The Israeli shekel, one of the best-protected banknotes in the world, is equipped with a KURZ feature that does not use any metallization. The choice is yours to make, supported by sound advice and counseling by our experts. KURZ – truly the essential element for banknote security!

How to best protect your banknotes against counterfeiting and crime? What is the most effective combination among the solutions we offer? Click here to contact our experts, who are looking forward to discussing these questions with you!

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Close-up of a highly detailed, leaf-shaped security feature for banknotes

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