Close-up of a Brazilian 50 Real banknote with a partially metallized KINEGRAM® showing a leopard and jungle leaves

Standard Partial Metallization for Banknotes

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Partially Metallized Security Features

State-of-the-art in Banknote Security

Partially metallized security elements are the gold standard for protecting banknotes around the world. Consequently, all KURZ security products for banknotes can be equipped with partial metallization. Partial removal of the aluminum layer allows for individual design and protective elements, such as microtext, images and intricate shapes, to be isolated as standalone elements. The resulting metallized and transparent areas, can be freely integrated into the overall banknote design concept. 

Creating Added Value with Partial Metallization

Moreover, partial metallization enables the creation of more interesting and unusual shapes of the metallic KINEGRAM® security element. Metallic surfaces on banknotes are mainly intended to be first-line security features for the general public. Partially metallized foil is the easiest way to include second-line and third-line security, for example nanotexts, into the banknote design.

Your Advantages at a Glance:

  • Significantly increased design flexibility
  • Highly improved anti-counterfeiting security
  • State-of-the-art for banknote security foils today
Image of entire 2nd series of Euro banknotes with KINEGRAM® security features

Reliable and Safe Solutions for Our Customers

Demetallized banknote security features are thus the most obvious choice when it comes to protecting banknotes. The attention-grabbing metallic foil makes for a large versatility of design options, including the inclusion of metallic effects as well as transparent areas which can easily be integrated into the overall banknote. The possibility to overprint the foil with offset, intaglio, silkscreen, or varnish further benefits the note design.

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