Close-up of a KINEGRAM® security feature showing a finely structured leaf in extremely high resolution


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What Is the Non-holographic KINEGRAM®?

The KINEGRAM® is our leading security solution for the protection of banknotes and identities. It has an unparalleled range of distinct and impressive visual effects, and its extensive variety of microstructures is unreachable by conventional holograms. For over 30 years, it is also the only security foil technology worldwide that is used exclusively for banknotes and government documents.

Your Advantages with KINEGRAM® at a Glance:


Diffractive Optical Variable Image Device (DOVID) feature for banknotes


World’s only security foil technology which is not available for commercial applications


Secret, non-holographic origination process


Proven in circulation


Trusted by leading currency issuers


KURZ and OVD Kinegram demonstrate longstanding experience


A leading security technology for banknotes

Reliable Banknote Security for Decades

Proprietary KINEGRAM® Technology

OVD Kinegram, a member of the KURZ Group since 1999 and inventor of the proprietary KINEGRAM® technology, is one of the driving forces behind KURZ’s pioneering position in the market for security elements. The manufacturing process of KINEGRAM® microstructures is top secret, even within our company.

The vector-based and computer-generated technology works with precisely controlled diffractive structures, which are engineered for specific visual effects and optimized for brilliance and brightness. In practice, this means highly effective and highly engaging protection for banknotes, through a unique, secret technology.

The first usage of KINEGRAM® technology on a circulating banknote was in 1988, when a KINEGRAM® patch was chosen to secure the new 5,000 Austrian Schilling currency notes. Ever since, the non-holographic KINEGRAM® technology puts major barriers in the way of the counterfeiter and enables the production of unique optical effects that are unmatched by any other security feature on the market.

KINEGRAM® versus Hologram

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between the KINEGRAM® and a hologram? A worldwide gold standard in protecting banknotes and identities, KINEGRAM® features are fundamentally different from holograms. This video will show you why. 

Leading currency issuers, such as the European Central Bank, place their trust in KINEGRAM® technology. Whereas holograms based on e-beam or dot matrix technology are also used for commercial applications, the KINEGRAM® proprietary technology is exclusively reserved for banknotes.

The KINEGRAM® Technology Platform

Outstanding Technologies and Designs for Individually Protected Banknotes

KINEGRAM® visual effects can be designed in different ways to exhibit highly pronounced effects, color changes, contrast reversals, rotational, expansion and other special effects. KINEGRAM® features from KURZ are highly sophisticated and advanced, proven in circulation on billions of banknotes around the globe. They are exceptional not only in terms of their anti-counterfeiting strength, but also their attractiveness, offering an unparalleled versatility and an enormous number of design options. These effects can be designed in different ways to exhibit kinematic, color changing, contrast reversal, rotational, expansion, and other special effects. 

Close-up of four sample banknotes demonstrating KINEGRAM COLORS® technology


Close-up of a KINEGRAM REVIEW® window feature with different designs on front and back


Close-up of three sample banknotes demonstrating the KINEGRAM VOLUME® technology


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