Close-up of a KINEGRAM® security feature showing guilloche shaped fine lines and a Swiss Cross in 3D

KURZ Technologies

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Outstanding Banknote Security and Appearance

KURZ Technologies

Around the world, KURZ is recognized as a provider of leading security solutions for banknotes. The unique and protected KINEGRAM® technology by our subsidiary company OVD Kinegram AG is at the heart of our solutions: It is the only security foil technology worldwide that is used only and exclusively for the protection of banknotes and government documents. Discover more about our one-of-a-kind technologies for banknote security and their visual appearance, each offering a distinct set of elaborate characteristics and advantages.

KURZ provides world-leading solutions for protecting banknotes

World's Leading Security Solution

Enhancing banknote security with KINEGRAM COLORS®

Multicolor Security Features for Banknotes

KINEGRAM REVIEW® – One feature, two designs, on front and reverse

A Leading Window Technology for Banknotes

KINEGRAM VOLUME® Technology - Turning up the volume in banknote security

Stand-alone Feature for Banknotes

Module 3: KURZ Technologies

Banknote Protection Strategy

KURZ Technology is an essential part of our unique modular system for banknote security. The combination of a product, a metallization type and a technology results in a highly sophisticated, visually striking and extremely secure banknote feature that is both exceptional in its characteristics and brings a unique security level to the notes. At the heart of most of our features is the proprietary and strongly protected KINEGRAM® technology – and in every single case, our portfolio is backed by a highly motivated team. Well-versed technical experts with decades of experience are at your service to support the planning, design and foil integration/application stages, or to provide prompt support in the case of technical issues. KURZ – truly the essential element for banknote security!

What are the most secure and sought-after combinations of elements from our portfolio of products and solutions? How do you create an ideal, tailor-made security solution for your banknotes? Click here to get in touch with us immediately. Our consultants are looking forward to talking to you!

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