Three sample banknotes demonstrating KINEGRAM VOLUME® technology in different designs


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What Are the Unique Properties of KINEGRAM VOLUME®?

KINEGRAM VOLUME® is one of a kind. The original technology was developed in close cooperation with the Swiss National Bank (SNB) and Orell Füssli Security Printing (OFS), focused on volume holographic features. With a unique appearance unlike any other security foil, our security technology for banknotes creates stunning visual effects that are highly engaging and extremely easy to verify. At the same time, KINEGRAM VOLUME® is an epitome of security and cannot be counterfeited by any commercially available means.



Exceptional feature by KURZ in the banknote industry


Prominent and novel optical appearance


Used to protect the world’s most strongly secured currencies


Expert proven, extremely high anti-counterfeiting security


Distinct visual appearance


Engaging effect, easy to explain to the public

Technical Background


Based on the proprietary KINEGRAM® origination process, KINEGRAM VOLUME® is created by laser technology and uses distinct single colors, unlike other security foils which display the typical chromatic rainbow color effects. It shows individual, vibrant colors and a stunning 'on-off' effect. 

What Characterizes Our 'On-off' Effect?

The distinct 'on-off' optical effect of KINEGRAM VOLUME® is extremely easy to understand and to use, while at the same time virtually impossible to counterfeit. Volume holography is taken to the next level with this sophisticated technology.

Two Options for Reliable Banknote Verification

Choose Your Security Package

The KURZ Group invested intensive efforts to adapt the underlying volume hologram technology for use in banknotes. KURZ also developed its own highly sophisticated production equipment and material for this feature. The vibrantly colored, highly prominent images can only be seen at narrow angles when the banknote is tilted back and forth, otherwise they remain invisible. To secure your banknotes with special security features, we provide you with two different solutions:

Close-up of Israeli 50 Shekels banknote with KINEGRAM VOLUME® Stripe

KINEGRAM VOLUME® as Stand-alone Feature

In its pure form as a standalone feature, with two pre-defined colors, it is a principal element in the new Israeli Shekel banknote series. The unique and surprising visual effects maximize not only the security of the banknotes, but also the ease of public education.

Close-up of Swiss 200 Francs banknote with partially metallized KINEGRAM VOLUME® Stripe

Safety Plus for Banknotes

KINEGRAM VOLUME® can additionally be enhanced with the classic KINEGRAM® partial metallization technology. In this combination it was selected to protect the new series of Swiss Franc banknotes. 

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