Close-up of a KINEGRAM REVIEW® patch over Window with different designs on front and back


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The Leading Window Technology for Banknotes


KINEGRAM REVIEW® is one of the principal features protecting Euro banknotes. Our smart technology secures the high denominations of the 2nd Euro series and is known by the public as 'the euro hologram'. Recently it has also been selected as a primary feature for the 20,000 Colónes issued in Costa Rica.

Your Advantages with KINEGRAM REVIEW® at a Glance:


Leading technology for foil-over-window solutions


Dramatic increase of banknote security


Chosen as a quantum leap security feature for the new Euro banknotes


Unique in the banknote industry – three different visual effects in the window area alone


Extremely easy to check


Proven counterfeit resistance on billions of banknotes


Unprecedented design possibilities


Clever interaction with watermark and banknote print design


How Does Our Security Technology for Banknotes Work? 

KINEGRAM REVIEW® is a window security feature that offers three security effects in the window area alone, two different optical foil designs on the front and back of the banknote, and a third see-through security feature: An image which becomes visible when the banknote is held up against the light. KINEGRAM REVIEW® is the undisputed best-in-class solution for windows in banknotes.

Window area of the 100 Euro banknote with KINEGRAM REVIEW® technology

Security Feature within the Window Area:

New 100 Euro Paper Banknote

  • Individual design elements with sophisticated optical effects on the front side
  • Portrait of the goddess Europa in transmission, analogous to the watermark
  • Wallpaper design with continuous numbers ‘100’ on the reverse side
KINEGRAM REVIEW® technology secures the 500 years anniversary note of Orell Füssli

Front & Back Security Elements:

Orell Füssli Security Printing Anniversary Note

  • Futuristic snail motif with precise movement effect on the front
  • Geometric square motif on the reverse of the applied patch label 
Combination of KINEGRAM REVIEW® and KINEGRAM COLORS® technologies in a Stripe over Window

See-through Security Feature:

KURZ Sample Note 'South America'

  • Sophisticated optical effects  and multiple colors on the front side and in the window area
  • Wallpaper design with continuous geometric shapes on the reverse side
  • Different colors on front and reverse sides

How to Strengthen Your Banknote Security

Combination Possibilities with KINEGRAM REVIEW®

In combination with a foil stripe, windows are a perfect choice for easy authentication and extremely high anti-counterfeiting security. The foil operates as a two-sided security feature, resulting in a secure window. With a transmission as well as a reflection feature, the foil can be seen and identified from both sides of the banknote as well as offer a see-through window feature.

Image of a sample banknote with KINEGRAM REVIEW® Stripe over Window and ethnic design

Front-to-Back Verification

KINEGRAM REVIEW® thus offers front-to-back verification by showing different diffractive images seen from the front and from the reverse of a banknote. For example, the foil can display a diffractive portrait on the front of the note and a wallpaper design of the denomination on the reverse side. A registered image both on the front as well as the reverse side is possible, thanks to intensive R&D work. The partial metallization allows the viewer to see through the window. 

Expanded Portfolio for Polymer Banknotes

Originally devised for paper banknotes, KINEGRAM REVIEW® can also be applied on polymer banknotes, which offer the benefit of enabling even larger transparent window areas. A variety of different foil designs for banknotes is available within a KINEGRAM REVIEW® foil feature.

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