New Dynamics for Safer Banknotes


With KINEGRAM DYNAMIC® technology, banknotes can be verified at a glance and within seconds due to highly intuitive visual effects.

Micro-lenses combined with sophisticated and proprietary production processes create impressive deep-view and dynamic movement. When the feature is tilted, the 3D effect all but absorbs the viewer into the design.

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KINEGRAM DYNAMIC® – The Best of All in One Feature:


Lens-based security feature


Individual multiple colors


Deep-view and dynamic movement


Proprietary production process


Non-holographic KINEGRAM® effects


Irresistibly eye-catching

Your Benefits with KINEGRAM DYNAMIC® as Patch or Registered Stripe Application

KINEGRAM DYNAMIC® is a lens-based feature and is the ultimate combination of security and appearance: Dynamic 3D and movement effects are combined with multiple colors and the unique KINEGRAM® security effects. The resulting features are highly intuitive and perfectly suited for design integration.

KINEGRAM DYNAMIC® Patch ‘Seashell Plus’

Lens-Based Effects:

  • Multicolored patch in red, green & blue
  • Grey scale image
  • 3D movement effect
  • Deep movement effect

KINEGRAM® Effects:

  • Surface relief
  • Colorless movement
  • Fineline movement


Lens-Based Effects:

  • Multicolored stripe in yellow & brown
  • 3D movement effect
  • Flip effect

KINEGRAM® Effects:

  • Surface relief
  • Colorful movement
  • Fineline movement

Customized Colors for an Expanded Design Range

Unlike any other lens-based feature, a KINEGRAM DYNAMIC® element can be combined with multiple colors that are individually adapted to the requirements and the overall banknote design of the customer. This not only means one-of-a-kind appearance and recognition value, but also a whole new array of design possibilities.

When the feature is tilted, the 3D effect all but absorbs the viewer into the design. The highly prominent depth and movement effects are visible from every perspective and in any light conditions. The feature is created with innovative proprietary software different from existing technologies.

Eye-catching and engaging optical effects, as well as multiple colors, complement the impressive depth and movement of KINEGRAM DYNAMIC®, offering the best of all worlds in one single security feature.

Choose from a wide Range of KINEGRAM DYNAMIC® Effects

What Is the Secret behind KINEGRAM DYNAMIC®?

The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts

KINEGRAM DYNAMIC® is based on a proprietary production process that distinguishes it from any other lens-based security feature for banknotes. Similar to a puzzle and using specialized security software, the image information is split into many different individual pieces. Adding lenses on top, we create one-of-a-kind depth and movement effects. The resulting features are virtually impossible to counterfeit. In this way, the technology provides unprecedented banknote security, while being extremely easy to use.

KINEGRAM DYNAMIC®: Illusive Depth, Genuine Security!

Intrigued by KINEGRAM DYNAMIC®? Watch our expert interview to gain detailed technological insights.

KINEGRAM DYNAMIC® stands for unparalleled optical security and makes counterfeiting almost impossible. In combination with unique optical security effects created by the non-holographic KINEGRAM® technology, the security level of KINEGRAM DYNAMIC® is unrivaled among lens-based security solutions for banknotes. Multiple colors and striking depth effects created by spherical lenses are certain to grab the public’s attention.

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