We revisit the classical color shift for security threads by engaging the viewer with aesthetically pleasing color change effects, which can be combined with eye-catching movements to increase the complexity against counterfeiters.

COSMIC stands for a metallic color shift within the security thread that creates a further barrier to the counterfeiter, as well as an obvious invitation to the banknote user to inspect the note more closely. The technology offers a large variety of switching color shades, and can easily be combined with striking optical security effects such as KINEGRAM® FLUX Effect.

Customized Movements. Innovative Color Shifts. Perplexed Counterfeiters.

  • Wide selection of possible colors
  • Highly prominent color shifts
  • Combinable with brilliant KINEGRAM® FLUX movement effects
  • Recognizable from a considerable distance, at multiple viewing angles and in almost any lighting condition
  • Incorporation of all levels of security
  • Compatible with banknote varnish, offset or intaglio print

Security from All Perspectives


Our diffractive security threads are able to complement the principal colors of each individual banknote design or to match a surface-applied security feature for visual cross-referencing. It takes only a flick of the wrist to check the moving and color shifting security thread. 3D images, microtext, nanotext, and also magnetic, IR, UV, taggant-based or other covert and machine-readable features can be included. Partial demetallization in a customized pattern can add an additional layer of complexity.