Make your banknote even more secure and colorful with a registered KURZ THREAD and KINEGRAM COLORS® technology.

The combination with KINEGRAM COLORS® allows for the creation of uniquely designed threads with distinct colors, which can be integrated into the banknote in perfect register with both the banknote print design and other security features.

Your Security Thread - Your Choice

Discover our inspiring color range and experience security in every register. KURZ THREADS with KINEGRAM COLORS® enhance the security and visual appearance of banknotes in a simple and straightforward way. The colors can be positioned in perfect register to the partial metallization, which is an unique achievement in the banknote industry. Together with the registration of the tread, i.e. the positioning of its motifs and colors in relation to the banknote print and other security features, the use of colorful features maximizes the chance that a forged note will be easily detected.

Security in every Register

  • Precisely positioned thread motifs and colors in relation to the banknote design
  • Extremely easy authentication due to registration and colors
  • Extremely difficult to counterfeit or simulate
  • Aesthetic and eye-catching visual appearance