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2000 Algerian Dinar Banknote with a KURZ THREAD and KINEGRAM COLORS® Issued by Banque d’Algérie

The Banque d’Algérie Relies on Our Expertise

In November 2022, Algeria’s central bank, the Banque d’Algérie, issued new banknotes of the 2000 Dinar denomination. Designed to commemorate the 60 years of Algerian independence, the banknotes were issued on the occasion of the 31st Summit of the League of Arab States, taking place in the first week of November at the International Conference Centre in Algiers.

Both versions of the new 2000 Dinar banknote carry a novel KURZ THREAD with KINEGRAM COLORS® Technology and the striking FLUX effect. The 4.5 mm wide security threads are embedded into the banknotes’ Durasafe® substrate from Swiss manufacturer Landqart, which offers the possibility of large-scale windows for optimized visibility of the security thread. The 2000 Dinar banknotes are equipped with a single big window, through which the bi-color green and silver KURZ THREAD can be observed.

The threads display a dynamic, eye-catching FLUX movement effect that enables straightforward and easy verification of the banknotes’ authenticity. Moreover, the years ‘1962’ and ‘2022’ are visible in negative microtext in the metallized areas of the thread. The green and silver colors harmonize with the banknote design and echo the colors of the Algerian national flag.

Both notes are legal tender and whilst the 2000 Dinar note celebrating the League of Arab Nations summit is understood to be a very limited edition, its counterpart will progressively enter circulation in larger volumes.

The Algerian 2000 Dinar banknote is the next outstanding example of KURZ THREADS based on KINEGRAM® Technology in banknotes issued since 2021.

KURZ THREADS and security foils with KINEGRAM® technology are superior not only in terms of their anti-counterfeiting properties, but also their visual attractiveness, offering an unrivaled versatility and a huge number of effect and color options. KINEGRAM® stripes and patches from KURZ are also highly sophisticated and advanced, proven in circulation on billions of banknotes around the globe.

A presentation about the new Algerian Dinar banknote is available upon individual appointment – contact us for further information!