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Following the introduction of the KURZ THREADS product range in 2020, comprising window threads for paper or composite substrates that are equipped with the unique, market leading KINEGRAM® technology, KURZ has added a novelty to the portfolio of thread solutions: KURZ THREADS with KINEGRAM® COSMIC. This new offering enables a wide range of distinctive color changes and eye-catching movement effects.

KURZ THREADS with KINEGRAM® COSMIC delivers on the promise of security from all perspectives by combining customized movement with innovative color shift effects. Both highly secure and easy-to-verify, these threads offer excellent protection against counterfeiting as well as strong visual appeal. Due to the KINEGRAM® COSMIC technology for brilliant, metallic color shifts, the threads are able to complement or contrast the principal colors of the banknotes. They can also be designed to match a surface-applied feature for visual cross-referencing. The color shift effect is visible even at a very flat angle.

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