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Image of New Swiss 20 Francs with KINEGRAM VOLUME®

New Swiss 20 Franc with KINEGRAM VOLUME®

Fuerth/Germany, 11/05/2017: The Swiss National Bank's chairman Fritz Zurbrügg unveiled the new 20 Franc banknote. It is the second note of the new Swiss banknote series, to be launched into circulation on 17 May 2017. Like the other denominations, it carries a bi-color KINEGRAM VOLUME® from KURZ, which is combined with a partially metallized KINEGRAM® in one single foil element.

The banknote focuses on Switzerland's creativity, and uses light as its key motif. Light makes visual perception possible - and also allows to recognize and identify the security features of a banknote. The diffractive KINEGRAM® structures of the foil stripe intelligently manage light to create sophisticated optical effects - especially, the ‘on-off’ visibility of the KINEGRAM VOLUME® motives in green and red.

Based on experiences of the 50 Franc banknote launched in April 2016, Zurbrügg highlighted that the new banknotes are "seen as high-quality and cutting-edge in terms of security features."

There are no long-term data on counterfeiting for the 50 Franc notes yet, however up to now only a handful of crude and clumsy counterfeits was found, which demonstrates the excellent anti-counterfeiting properties of the new banknotes and their security features.

Picture: Swiss National Bank 2017